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somebody who has more rolls than any sumo wrestler alive and leaves a trail of fat juice while walking down a path after eating and eating more food then one can think of. to be at this stage, one must complete 4 courses of all fast food chains for 3 months straight, tubs of miracle whip, and chocolate dipped everything.

no exercise or concentration needed.
yo, i was walking through wal-mart when this fatty mcfat fat blocked me in the aisle and i had to hold my breath and suck in to get by him... i felt like i was in a blowhole.
by fabby March 14, 2008
to have features that arent the usual "ugly" but more extreme. to make people wanna turn away due to the fuglyness they are showing. to get to be at this stage, one must complete a course of chode slaps, cleveland steamers, and a shoe up their ass

down right freakin ugly
sheila is so fugly that her fire crotch attacked her face, how can that fugly hoe wake up in the morning?
by fabby March 12, 2008
a dyke who has the reddest of red pubes

one fugly ass bitch who has the nastiest of all fire crotches and looks like she was raped by a rabid mongoose at a very early age and then repeatedly smacked in the face with a metal pole.
yo, sheila has the best of the worst fire crotch ever! tell that bitch to close her legs, its a firey jungle!

Yo i was mackin on some hotties the other night when this fire crotch came up to me and made me vomit all over.
by fabby March 14, 2008
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