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A place to take a crap and create your own music
Hey mom where's dad, I'll give you one guess, Oh, he must taking a dump in the music room.
#growler #shitter #on the pot #warming the porcelian #loading the bucket
by Fa Fa December 07, 2007
An extremely horny male
We need to go to the bunny ranch because I am hotter than a dog with forty dicks!
#horny #constant boner #uncontrollable wood #have to fuck #now! swollen chub
by Fa Fa January 04, 2008
A male human in heat
Look at the ass on her, I'd like to wear it as a hat, damn that makes hotter than a dog with 40 dicks.
#extremely horny #nympho #pervert #sex maniac #sexually excited
by Fa Fa December 07, 2007
An excessive amount of pubic hair(s)
Holy shit!, that bitch has never shaved look at all those feathers.
#bush #fur #briar patch #wig #wet mop
by Fa Fa December 13, 2007
When two people are having sex and one parts the others ass cheeks and gets their mouth next to the butthole and screams.
I was doinking this chick the other night and I rolled her over and gave her a screamer, holy shit she started shaking and had goosebumps all over her ass..
#old yeller #air-goose #megaphone #wind storm #typhoon #hurricane
by Fa Fa December 07, 2007
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