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1 definition by FUZZ MAN

Juggalos are people who have been shit on all their lives by the upper class and all the bullshit of life, and their only escape is the hope of a better world, one wich is free of hate, racism and stereotypes. It blows my mind that some ignorant self-righteous faggot would compare their view of a better world to hitler's view of an arian army of brainwashed jew-haters. The juggalos view of their eutopia, Shangri'la, is a view of society that they can actually feel a part of. Pick up a CD, listen to darklotus or mans myth because they mean some deep shit, maybe if more people voiced such things, we could understand each other and not focus on the imperfections that our brains have been taught to pick out and rip apart.
opinions are formed by our brains projection of reality and what we believe to be right. Dont hate the juggalos, understand the juggalos.
seriously, ignorance is a plauge. pick up a book.
by FUZZ MAN September 09, 2006