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3 definitions by FUNNY

fucking a chick while playing the guitar
I was doing the dirty santana with Jill yesterday, but I busted a nut before the song was over
by FUNNY December 01, 2004
You pull out right before cumming and tell the girl to go long( 2 feet), like u were playing football. You then "pass" ur cum and she tries to catch it in her mouth to complete the pass.
Dude, I tried the Dirty Marino with Sylvia last night, but the pass was intercepted by Mary.
by FUNNY December 01, 2004
Loving caring playful always nice never bad. Makes good friends. Works thing out with people. Funny. Athletic, loves red sox and loves everthing.

Loves her dad and her mom.

Italian; spannish;
Adianna is crazy
by FUNnY November 02, 2013