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The malformed clit/penis of a hermaphrodite
DUDE!!!! I thought this was straight porn until her hermafrowilly slipped out! I'm gonna be sick!
by FUNKbrs January 11, 2005
A popsicle that was secretly dipped in the toilet. Also see turdsicle
1: Did you take the last blue one?
2: Sure did, sucker!
1: You know that was a mopsicle, right?
by FUNKbrs June 11, 2005
Acronym for Devil's Advocate Group, a group devoted to political moderation through the use of unethical or humorous debate techniques, and bad jokes. Noted for their devotion to devilish imagery and drug references.
Man, I thought that guy was actually a nazi, but he was just playing DAG.
by FUNKbrs November 30, 2004

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