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Synthetic cannabinoids such as spice & herbal incense.

Can be used both as a noun & a verb.
SMOKER 1: Yo, you tryna staanz after this?

SMOKER 2: Yeeaah man! Got the staanz in the bag! Smells like blueberries.
by FUN2201 November 28, 2011
A temporary state when one finds him/herself in an unconscious/dreaming stage when they feel like they are dying & then the person begins vomiting due to intoxication.

It is called white death because the person experiencing it is usually very pale to the face & because the person who is experiencing it claims they are dying.

White death is not common with marijuana use, it is usually very common with synthetic drugs such as AM-2201 and JWH-250 found in spice & herbal incense.
SPECTATOR 1: Look at Rob, he's just slouching over...

SPECTATOR 2: Look how pale his face is!

SPECTATOR 1: Yeah, he threw up about five minutes ago after smoking spice.

SPECTATOR 2: I told him if he smokes too much of that fake shit he would get white death.
by FUN2201 November 28, 2011

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