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A skilless band headed by Kurt Cobain. Nirvana is the definition of "overrated".

Impossible since the definition of overrated is Gn'R and their shitty guitarist.

Kurt sucked at guitar, and his vocals, although easy to like, were crap.

Slash sucked at guitar.Kurt was better than Slash at guitar.He also sang and wrote lyrics and Nirvana SOUNDED GOOD unlike that god awful fucking faggot HAIR BAND Gn'R which is a band for faggots.And if Kurt's vocals were easy to like then why not fucking like them then? Gosh you're fickle.

The worse part is that there are teenyboppers that think Nirvana is so undergroud and cool, and advirtise that they love nirvana/kurt cobain everywhere they go.Marc: Omg nirvana is so kvlt.

Why does it matter what other people think? If the music is good then it's fuckin good.YOU sound like a fuckin teenybopper.

Matt: No, Nirvana sucks ass, Kurt Cobain cant play guitar worth shit.

Better than Slash who sucks and is seriously overrated,especially since he was from a shit band that SUCKED SHIT and sounded like fuckin SHIT.FUCK Gn'R in the ASS!

Marc: But it doesnt matter, Nirvana is so und3rground. Im cool by liking them, unlike the idiots that

Yeah,whatever.You care what other people think instead of caring about music.You're a fuckin poser.GO TO HELL.
Nirvana while not the best band ever were certainly one of the best modern bands along with SUBLIME and LBDA and GREEN DAY.
Some of you teeny boppers scare me with your ignorance.

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