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18 definitions by FUCKYOU

fat ass hoe
that bitch is a speiden
by fuckyou April 01, 2004
Mortal enemy of Rake Yohn.
Rake Yohn hates mustard so bad, if you even get it near him he'll flip out.
by FuCKYou November 12, 2003
A kyke who thinks hes black and good at basketball despite he jv and goes to prep school
by FuckYou February 23, 2003
someone that everyone thinks they know something about, but doesn't.

e.g. thinks the heartagram means bam.
none of you know shit about Bam Margera
by fuCKYou March 02, 2004
Okay, I have a queston for PeachyKeen. You said that Diversity is good because without it then "everyone would be the same", however you go around saying that eating animals is worng. Well, if everyone in the world was a vegetarian then everyone would, in fact, be the same!
Funny how that all works out.
by FUCKYOU October 19, 2003
My name on this site.
My name is really Seth Harrison.
by FUCKYOU October 13, 2003
A tasty snack or a new fashion item.
I eat meat and wear leather, which are dead animals!
by FUCKYOU October 19, 2003