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The current home secretary of the United Kingdom. Also goes by the nickname of, "crazy fascist bitch", because of her persistent attempts to turn Britain into a police state. She is completely incompetent and unfit for her job, she is a threat to our fundamental rights and should be sacked for the things shes done.

One of her many insane plans is to introduce a database that records all internet search data, all emails and all mobile phone calls. If thats not fascistic, then i dont know what is. Luckily this has recieved huge backlash from the public and other MPs, so hopefully the evil bitch will be out of office before she gets a chance to implement this.

She also lied about the crime rate in the UK, telling us that serious crimes like murder, rape and assault were down, when in actual fact they have been going up each year. Her excuse was that crimes had been underreported (whatever that means), but its most likely a lie, just because she cant admit that shes fucked the country up herself.

Jacqui Smith: "Every home will be fitted with cctv so we can monitor everything you do. You wont be allowed to leave your house without permission from the home office. This is to combat terrorism, it has nothing to do with the fact that im a crazy power mad whore".

The general public: "Fuck you Smith! we wont do what you tell us, enough is enough, EVERYBODY RIOT, OVERTHROW THIS FASCIST REGIME!!!!"
by FUCK YOU JACQUI SMITH December 13, 2008

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