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3 definitions by FUCK YOU!

Most commonly used expression by Ric Flair while getting pummeled.
Randy Orton: *whips Flair with his title*
by FUCK YOU! May 16, 2004
2 2
An asswhole who wont give you any of burned cdz or warez...telles his friends there fucking idiots, and or gay
Sits on the fucking computer all day
what a fucking Diabolic Code
by FUCK YOU! January 31, 2003
3 4
Coolest kid to ever walk the face of the earth. Much cooler then Taylor, Dg, Dom, or any of those other KFC's will ever be.
K-gizzle was walking down the street and ever one was like "Oh damn is that kid fine!"
by FUCK YOU! December 19, 2004
27 83