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Okay. Let me clear up some confusion. There is NOTHING wrong with being Gay and there is nothing wrong with Gay Marrige. If two gays wanna marry, who fucking cares? Don't tell me that "It violates the saintity of marrige". Does marriage always seem like a gift from god? What about Las Vegas? You can get married there for like $20!! There is no "choice" in being gay and people don't become gay because they were brought up the wrong way. Also, gays can't just "switch back to being straight". If they can then why can't striaghts just switch to being gay. I bet $500 no of these Bush-Worshipping Motherfuckers have never even MET a gay person!!!!
Theses guys fucking piss me off! And no, I'm not gay, but I have a few gay friends and don't see why everyone hates them so much.
by FUCK BUSH!! May 12, 2005

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