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a chemical element that suceeds florine and preceeds neon in the periodic table.
fleenium is special in that it is the only element in the periodic table containing a marshian atomic number. fleenium was discovered and named by Barham local mountain biker Drahcir Marsh, it was named fleenium due to it having an atomic number of fleen. it also has a very unbalanced formula as it has froar protons and flix electrons making it very suceptible to high powered explosions when thrown into Barton Court school pond.

It is also easilly identifieable due to its extremely potent smell. A smell of which sometimes can be liked to that of a fart whilst leening (fleening)
Drahcir:'for fuck sake guys!, who threw fleenium in the pond?'

Oliver C:'it appears there is a smell similar to that of a fart whilst leaning.......... must be fleenium'

whilst reading out marks for end of module test
Chemistry Teacher: 'pass mark 70, lamorna manning: 76
drahcir marsh: 69'
by FROAR!123 February 10, 2008

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