19 definitions by FRO

name, irc user, soangels.. efnet.
"Hello fro"
by fro April 30, 2003
The all knowing
I goto church to learn about Fro.
by Fro November 12, 2003
chinese theater. the best bowler. my brother.
Man kabuki bowled a perfect game the other day.
by FRO December 15, 2004
A game that is uber. made for all consoles this game has a variety of playmodes. Online multiplayer is uber.
COD rocks man, i pwn noobs in COD.
by FRO December 15, 2004
a albino nigga..picture a skinny black dude with a blonde fro goin on instead of a nig nog its a egg nog
y0 sup my eggnog
by fro November 20, 2003

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