19 definitions by FRO

have a small penis
love eating live cockroach
Chinese DOG!!!!!
John Wang is a panda from China
by FRo April 12, 2013
He's the worst moderator in the world. And a fag.
by Fro September 10, 2003
EFRAIN DORIA( also see king of iron fist tournament)
man i cant be the best bowler, i know who is though.
by FRO December 15, 2004
When an old Nintendo 64 game is put on the Gamecube console to make the graphics better.
"Mario Tennis needs to be gamecuberized due to the graphics."
by Fro July 21, 2004
1.) n. -- a vagina
2.) n. -- a female
1.) I ate that snid nicely.
2.) There's a lot of snid in this bar tonight.
by Fro September 15, 2002

--was found when two friends were seeing what their -izzle names were. elizabeth was one girl's middle name. it came out as eizzle
mizzle eizzle is sweet and friends with jizzle aizzle
by fro July 14, 2004
The master blaster of the universe, able to pwn noobs from galaxys away, OI OI, Kills noobs on COD, despises Diablo 2 LOD, has 3 brothers. 1 sister. Works at a bank. Professional bowler. AKA Efrain.
Man fro has got to be the sickest mutha ive ever seen.
by FRO December 16, 2004

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