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1 definition by FREEDOM 4 ALL PEOPLE!!!

A puppet of the reactionary corporatist state. He is not a communist, not a socialist. He is a pure evil capitalist. He is a house nigga, uncle tom, sell-out. One who is misleading people who truly desire change. He will keep us at war. There is no main difference between the corporate backed candidates. One day true direct democracy will be achieved and evil capitalists like him who will ocntinue to rape and ravage the "third world" will be no more. Decentralization is the answer, Anachy is the way to be: NO GODS NO MASTERS NO STATES NO WARS!!!!!
Just because Obama is "black" doesn't mean he isn't supported by and sold out to the evil, racist, classist power structure known as the state!!!!
by FREEDOM 4 ALL PEOPLE!!! November 04, 2008
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