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3 definitions by FRED!

The third rocky inner planet located in the Terran Solar System. Mostly covered with water, but also has land and one large dead moon called simply, the Moon. Orgin of Human race.
This planet.
by FRED! June 08, 2004
130 47
How people from the United Kingdom refer to pop.
Harry: Good day Elizabeth might I intrest you in a fizzy drink such as Tango?
Elizabeth: Oh no, I've been feeling a bit gassy this evening. A cuppa tea would be nice though, Earl Grey if you have it.
Harry: Splendid. Then perhaps we can have sexual intercouse.
Elizabeth: I dear say that sounds like a fine idea!
Harry: Almost. Almost. Almost.
Elizabeth: Harry, did you realize your member is an unusual colour. I hope you don't have a sexually transmitted illness.
by FRED! January 19, 2006
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On July 8, 2345 when all the nations of Earth united, putting aside former disputes, if only temporarily, to destroy an extraterrestrial threat seeking to consume the planet's natural resources, enslave it's surviving people, and expand their own empire and political influence.
On E-day almost 1 billion people died at a position halfway between the Moon and the Earth known as L-1.
by Fred! February 06, 2005
24 14