4 definitions by FRANK PIERCE

An extremely unattractive,overweight,unpleasant smelling trailer park female inhabitant;an extremely unattractive sweathog;the result of gorilla/buffalo cross breeding;a female ogre.
Remember Bertha Butts down in Houston,I wonder how the old BUFFERILLA is doing after all these years?
by FRANK PIERCE November 17, 2003
Someone who is interested in bicycles,unicycles,and tricycles.
Dude,that pedalphile collects old Raleigh and J.C.Higgins bicycles.
by FRANK PIERCE November 17, 2003
A crazy world leader;a member of the illuminati;a fanatic;ailluminati conspiracy zealot.
That Icke fellow seems to be a real illuminutty.
by FRANK PIERCE November 17, 2003
The current U.S.President,who is the son of G.H.W.Bush the scion of a wealthy and treacherous nazi supporting family during WW 2 who sometimes resides at his ranch in the Waco,Texas vicinity.Due to his dishonesty and deceitfullness he is known as the Waco Fake-o.
That guy is crooked as a mare`s leg,a real waco fake-o!
by FRANK PIERCE November 17, 2003

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