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163 definitions by FRANK

peeing in a plastic bag and then pouring the pee all over your partners face until they drown.
dude, that bitch has about 13 yellow lucy's comin` her way.
by Frank April 07, 2005
to talk incessantly about lacrosse
there was no way he was going to score with that chick, he just almyed her to death.
by frank July 23, 2003
just another, shortened way of saying "later" or "goodbye" -- but usually only on the phone. you don't say this when saying goodbye to your friends after leaving a party
yo i'll talk to you tomorrow man, ok?? ok late!
by frank June 09, 2004
A person who likes to hit random people in the face, often times dislocating his arm in the process.
"oh man, you ducato'd him right in the jaw"
by Frank February 22, 2004
Badest Mother F'er
Dj Strick
by Frank February 10, 2004
A beat b~et made by someone black n~igg~a
Hey, that BJv is great !
by Frank March 06, 2005
an insane band from the stamford, ct ska/screamo underground
there so fucking underground they dont even know who they are sometimes

also see:
jesus christ and the moses humpers
butt plugs and shoulder shrugs
do you have a copy of the new fuck me harders cd? ahh i didnt think so, there so fuckin underground
by Frank February 24, 2005