162 definitions by FRANK

A fat man, with big titties
My friend's brother is dargus
by Frank July 30, 2004
To have have sex with someone in the ass using cheese wiz as a lubricant
Melinda asked Frank to give her a cheese mcpoopy after they ate mac n cheese for dinner.
by Frank December 22, 2004
best band ever. www.project86.com
project 86 rocks.
by frank June 23, 2004
hot ass van with unlicensed haitan refugee drivers.

Susposed to hold 15 passengers but can pack about 70.

The drivers always get pulled over by the police and get asked for their green cards.
That jitney bus broke down in little haiti

Why does the jitney bus pass by cats so slowly?
by Frank December 17, 2003
A goth or "gahth" that doesn't take showers.
Look at that scode he smells like crap
by frank July 25, 2003
peeing in a plastic bag and then pouring the pee all over your partners face until they drown.
dude, that bitch has about 13 yellow lucy's comin` her way.
by Frank April 07, 2005
find out more at rochesterrocky.com
I went to rochesterrocky.com and found a catle full of transexual transvestites.
by Frank September 07, 2003

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