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Being at work and feeling like you have 6 bosses telling you that you screwed up and not wanting to care or work anymore.
I had 3 different people tell me today that my email was wrong, I feel so Office Spaced today.
by Frank August 31, 2004
to beat someone up and win
i'm gonna duff you up!
by frank April 23, 2003
An infernal machine everyone loves and is completely obsessed with. They can go from a junk cell phone to a Super Cray computer at the National Security Agency. Computers can really suck because of the failures of their manufacturers to create real products.
There are three types of Personal Computers (PCs):

1. The Windows machine which tends to crash when it is the absolutely worst time to crash, but is a great machine for the PC gamer.

2. The Apple computer comes in many varieties but is invariably the best for multimedia and graphics. While there are not very many good programs available for the Macintosh, those that are created are good. (Usually). An Apple running MacOS X is likely to be safe from most viruses, but isn't easily interchangable with other PCs.

3. The Linux box is perhaps the most secure machine on Earth and very cheap. Support and documentation is often very good. However, it is not for the faint of heart, as it requires hard work to set up and skill. It's open source, so most stuff is free, but many of the programs are amateurish.
I hate this stupid computer!!! I need a Cray! Why did I get Windows anyway?
by Frank August 16, 2004
A clan (or team for some BITCHES) that will engage in a full fledged roll out at any opportunity they get...with the end result of them always owning YO ASS.
Yo dont fuck with TA, cuz these niggas will rock you like a magikist.
by frank September 26, 2004
a suggestion for someone to simmer down/ back the f'ck up.
that bitch better ease back
by frank June 21, 2004
it acually means yo or a call for da drug dealaz
yerrrrr the popo comin nigga run
by frank April 08, 2005
To have an unhealthy and permanent foul odor; usually smells like dead fish and feet
Benjamen Rhea-Carver
For picture, www.sholden.com/andy/ben.jpg
by Frank March 16, 2004
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