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soccer mom i'd like to fuck
Mrs. Hurley is a smilf
by Frank March 25, 2005
best country in europe and v been to most of em...
Iceland is expensive
by frank November 13, 2003
An offensive term used to describe Tacoma, Washington; usually heard on the isolated campus of UPS.
Yeah dude, I go to UPS in Tacompton. sic
by Frank May 05, 2005
Come Fuck Me Pumps
1. High-heeled shoes that are asking for trouble
2. Stilettos
3. Whoa girl...
Did you see the CFMP's that girl that just walked by?
by Frank October 27, 2004
A particular style of spitting using the tongue on the roof of your mouth to create pressure strong enough to shoot a thin stream of spit between a gap in one's two front top teeth.
Nice gleat. Thanks. Cool.
by Frank April 18, 2005
The anus, specifically the brown eye. Often used as an insult. UK English.
"Fred is a bit of a ringpiece."
"Lick my ringpiece."
by Frank November 23, 2002
trinkets that often used as give aways
Come down to Taco Hell in Urbania for some free WKRP schwag
by Frank April 28, 2003

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