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3 definitions by FPSJesus1996

A project on the internet to make Joseph Kony 'famous'. He is apparently the worst thing EVER, even worse than Hitler and Justin Bieber. He apparently trains kids to kill each other and mutilates their faces and shit in Uganda. However despite the bonerific quality of the video, produced by Jason Russel(who was caught masturbating in public days later), most people including myself think that its another load of overhyped shit made up as an excuse for Americans to exploit ugandan resources.

It also involves 'cover the night', a bullshit thing where people were supposed to hang Kony posters and shit on April 20. Only shitty graffiti saying 'stop konie now' was placed, usually in random colours.

I guarantee you this WAS HUGE fucking news in early 2012, just in case youre reading in future, but practically forgotten by this stage.
James: OMG Kony 2012 is like gonna change the world like OM-fukin'-G!!!!!!!111one1!
by FPSJesus1996 May 21, 2012
Basically breasts. Used by most normal people, unless they are trying to be all clean and say boobs. If a girl has a nice pair of them, they will be more successul usually, especially in combination with a big ass.

They surround this page, in the form of the tshirt sites' advertisement. Those girls have WONDERFUL ones.

It can also mean a certain type of bird, however these are mentioned less now because of the above definition.
by FPSJesus1996 December 30, 2011
The language that many people in dublin speak. It involves putting -o as a suffix to names or sometimes words, and shortening certain words, and also pronouncing 'th' as 't' or 'd'. Usually spoken while wearing adidas clothing, or in a caravan.
Robbo:'Hey dere deco, gi's one of dem crackores'
(Translation: Hello there, Declan. Can I have one of those crackers?)
Deco:'Sure ting, Robbo. Try one of dem tings out, deyr'e wicko!
(Tranlation: Sure thing, Robert. Try one of those things out, they're wicked!

-Average use of Dublinese
by FPSJesus1996 December 30, 2011