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1.One the best comedy sitcoms in the ninety's to hit television.

2. A television show that debuted on NBC(National Broadcasting Channel) in 1990, staring rapper/actor Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince as a wisecraking nephew of a lawyer and a english professor, who was sent by his mother to live with them in Bel-Air, CA to stay out of trouble and get a head start on life.

Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince
(Will Smith)
James Avery
(Phillip Banks aka Uncle Phil)
Janet Hubert-Whitten/Daphanie Maxwell-Reid
(Vivian Banks aka Aunt Viv)
Kayron Parsons
(Hillary Banks)
Alphonso Ribero
(Carlton Banks)
Tatianna Ali
(Ashley Banks)
Joseph Marcell
(Geoffrey aka G)
Ross Bagley
(Nicholas Banks aka Nicky)
Jeffory Towens aka DJ Jazzy Jeff
by FP ologist March 26, 2009

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