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Located in sketchy Po-town, Marist seems to be the nicest thing there. Walking around the perfectly cut grass of the campus green with the crazy squirrels, one may see an array of guys with popped collars with baseball hats half off their head. Girls in ugg boots. Also completing the outfit is the ipod, tucked under the shirt, while walking to class so one can listen to 2.3 minutes of music. With 1/3 of the school being from long island (which i guess is the "superior" place to be) then the rest from conn, upperstate NY, new jersey, new england or other. 4 days at LEAST a student will go out to a club/bar/frat and party...and get up for an 8am class.
At Marist College, save a balloon. pop a collar.
by FOXY LADY July 08, 2006

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