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When a person usually only enjoys musical artists or bands in which the singer is of the same sex as said person.
Guy1: What kind of music do you like?
Guy2: I like bands that have guy singers, not chick singers, regardless of how hot the female singer may be.
Guy1: You're musically gay.
Guy2: And damn proud!
by FONtheCON April 13, 2008
A phrase made famous by the book "The Kite Runner". In the seventh chapter, a major character gets buttraped.
Don't make me Chapter Seven your mom.
by FONtheCON January 07, 2008
A sexual act in which a man takes a shit, throws it in the freezer and then has buttsex with a woman using said frozen turd as the penetrator.
Basically, a Nutty Hunter is reverse pooping.
by FONtheCON January 05, 2008

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