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A woman's natural lube for anal sex.
Bob waited for jane to have diahrrea before the backdoor adventure could begin.
by Flip March 11, 2005
1. obviously you fucked up
2. what chuy cant go five minutes without saying
3. the clicka's motto
Flip: Rey, your not part of the clicka and you miss your dad.
Chuy: You fuuucked up.
by Flip October 21, 2004
(Brit. Slang) Humorous term for use when something – usually a task - goes badly and disastrously wrong. Similar to "Pete Tong" or “tits up”.
"Oops. That was a bit of an abortion."
by flip February 16, 2005
a diffrent wording of herpes. a foot is also a mesurement.
look bob has a foot of herpes on his penis he must of slep with that slut womnda again
by flip December 06, 2002
Contraction of "shrimp" pioneered by Adam Hahn and Flip Tanedo in 2005 following a program by Donnovan Somera of the Vaden Health Center at Stanford.
Adam and I were planning on going to Red Lobster to order some of our favorite dishes, such as crawfish, scallops, prawn, and jumbo shria.
by Flip February 06, 2005
bitch in tagalog(flip language)
by flip July 12, 2003
When a car overpowers grip and slides around turns.
My 240SX will drift your Honda off the track!
by Flip May 01, 2002

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