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To adjust or fine tune things, to personalise an object and make it better to suit one's liking
Holly was eager to tweak her sister's white canvas slip-ons with rainbow unicorns because she knew they were her sister's favourite mythical creatures.
by fln September 23, 2013
An adjective to describe a great word to get onto the triple word score space in scrabble.
Dude man, the word quixotic is Joqz.
by FLN November 30, 2007
A person who loves to fine tune or adjust according to his/her own liking or preferences , to get a more personalised touch to his/her object
Kayla's friends call her a Tweakster due to her avid joy in switching things up when it comes to old fabrics.
by fln September 23, 2013
A word describing a certain state of confusion.
I'm in a quox trying to figure out a word in Urban Dictionary scrabble.
by FLN November 30, 2007
Someone who likes to adjust or fine-tune things; a person who makes small changes to an existing object in order to make it better or to suit one’s preferences
Tessa is known as the Tweaker in her social circle for her knack of turning old fabrics into fashion-forward apparels.
by fln September 23, 2013
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