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2 definitions by FITE 17 09

A Cincinnati Reds fitted hat. Normally a New Era 59Fifty style type of hat.

*Fitted as in not those kinds that buckle or snap, the kind that has a size on it like 7 1/2*
I'm in my cincinnati hat my cincinnati jersey
All on the block we get in here early
We dont lean wit it, we dont rock wit it
We sal sal, down tha way, murked out wit it
Yeah we all get it, yeah they all can get it
'Cuz I'm all on the block in my CINCY FITTED

"Cincinnati Hat" by Showtime *a cincinnati rapper*
by FITE 17 09 August 17, 2006
a long time for something
"I haven't talked to him in a grip."
"I haven't seen her in a grip!"
by FITE 17 09 August 01, 2005