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1. Originally RiverTech Community College, this is a young (1971) 4 year university now bearing the name Donkey State. Along with Bozo State and Donkey State, they may also be know as Boise State, but only to very few. Every year in Division 1A college football they host the Roadie's Truck Stop Bowl.

2. What Mark Schlereth uses to get back on the bus.
Bro: dude, i just graduated college.
Dude: uhh kind of, it was from Bozo State.
Bro: Boise State dude! Mom made you promise not to say that anymore! I'm telling!
#vandal #idaho #boise st #boise #donkey #bozo #donkeys #bozos
by FIOHtj December 23, 2009
When someone is wearing a hat backwards and shielding their eyes with their hand.
Bro: dude why are you struggling with the sun right now?
Dude: @#%$! i forgot bro!
Bro: hat FAIL
#hat #fail #baseball #shield #bro #hat fall #hatt fail
by FIOHtj December 23, 2009
1. When your eyes seize up from emotion but you don't start crying.

2. When enjoying a sport in the water or snow, your eyes seize up from contact with physical elements.
That movie was dope, But when the dog died i got a little eye choked.

Hella pow day, it's dumping out here! Too bad my goggles snapped and I'm getting all eye choked.
#eye chokd #cry #tears #snow #sad #happy
by FIOHtj December 23, 2009
When you are winning at anything then blow it only to lose in the end.
Bro: Yo dude, you see Boise St. get beat when they finally faced some competition?

Dude: Yeah bro, they were up but then vandaled it.
#vandal #idaho #boise st #boise #vandled #lose #winning #backfire
by FIOHtj December 23, 2009
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