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When you knock up a girl and don't want to pay for a clinical abortion, so you simply push her down a flight of stairs.
I took a girl home from The Lodge. We didn't have a condom, so I pulled a, "Magic Hat." I got a text from her a month later and went over to her apartment to, "talk." to her. She told me she was pregnant and it was mine. I walked out to her lobby with her and pushed her down a flight of stairs. She was no longer pregnant. "Italian Abortion," really worked!
by FILTH378 July 28, 2010
An attractive female who is addicted to cocaine.
I was out and about and met this total hottie. I whipped out a teener and found out she was a total Blow Doll because she was all about ripping lines off my cock!
by FILTH378 September 09, 2010
When you tell a girl you put on a condom then proceed to have sexual intercourse with her. You then climax inside of her and tell her you swore you put a condom on. If she claims that you got her pregnant, revert to an,"Italian Abortion."
I took this girl home from The Lodge. I was out of condoms and she said she wouldn't do me without one. So I pulled a Magic Hat. I opened up a pack of gum and pretended to put one on then had sex. She never knew even when I blew a bubble up in her.
by FILTH378 July 28, 2010

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