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1.SOME filipino's are lazy. (Assuming your american) The morbid obesity in your nation is worse than about 7% of filipino's being lazy

2. We don't think ALL foreigners are rich

3.If you think our language is annoying, listen to that "slang" crap and see what's more annoying

4.Filipino women marry old people because they actually have feelings for 'em. It's unlikely for there to be more divorces in the philippines than in the U.S.

5.It's not our fault we're poor, blame the government. We don't think we're better than other asian countries. You're just a stereotypical 12 year old whose mom is as stupid as Jar Jar Binks

6. There are more people dropping out of school in america than in the philippines. Sure, we have alot of fun, but we put it in the right place and the right time

7. If UP ain't the one of the best universities in the world, why do alot of koreans/chinese people come here to study?

8. Yeah, were short, so what?

9. The worlds fastest talker is in the US dumbass

10. Wannabe's? We copy the shows but we pay the copyrights

11.Other languages do that too, you know.

12.Yeah, we eat meat and rice alot. At least we're not fatties who stay in their beds all day
If you don't like our KFC, DON'T EAT THERE!!! Stupid.

Do us all a favor and LEAVE OUR FUCKING COUNTRY

Filipino's are fucking awesome
by FILIPINODUDE April 01, 2011

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