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1 definition by FIGHTON TROJANS

By far the best university in California. While it may not be ranked as high as UCLA, it benefits from an incredibly advanced social network that propels its graduates into prestigious career paths immediately after college. It has an extremely diverse student body that invest themselves in a wide array of extra-curricular activities and athletics. Speaking of athletics, USC has one of the most impressive athletic programs and arguably the number one football team in the nation.
By looking at the numerous negative posts about USC, the insecurities of other rival schools (primarily UCLA) become blatantly obvious. It is clear that the students of USC feel they have nothing to prove, as they do not stoop to the same level by posting aggressive, immature attacks on their rival schools. Instead, they seek to highlight the positive aspects of their college experience. These rival schools should not get so down on themselves that the feel the need to use derogatory acronyms such as "University of Sucking Cock." They should be proud to be affiliated with such a prestigious neighbor. If they did, they could even learn a thing or two.

While the overwhelmingly Asian student body at UCLA spends the majority of their time with their noses in books, USC students are able to balance their schedule to practice other important life skills such as social interaction. The social scene at USC is unparalleled. The "Fraternity Row" on 28th street stretches all the way from Hoover to Figueroa and features the most powerful national chapters of fraternities and sororities. The fortitude of these national chapters allows greater funding, which allows these Greek letter social organizations greater possibilities for social and philanthropy events. The students in the Greek system perform the highest academically and are the most involved in campus activities, testament to the fact that the strong social atmosphere at USC allows the students to flourish.
Students from USC will all be leaders in whatever fields they choose to pursue, not only because they are academically qualified, but because they are socially competent and interested in a myriad of activities other than studying. They are actually interesting people. FIGHT ON TROJANS!
USC kids sure know how to party, but they always get their work done first.
by FIGHTON TROJANS May 18, 2009
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