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A rather rich, suburb, near the Jersey Shore, consists of many surfer brahs, skaters, assholes, parents who want there kids to have a "good education" and cool dudes. Fair Haven is a small town with a lot of chill people. There is a minor goth crowd that can cover up the warm atmosphere, but they are rarely acknowledged and don't contribute to the town in any way shape or form. In Fair Haven you may often find a group of kids walking around with a water bottle filled with vodka, looking for a place to chill. You will often find a rather large group crowded around the Krauwsers parking lot on any given weekend night. You will realize your in Fair Haven when you meet the cops there, who dont let you go 5 mph above the speed limit and who often take young kids bikes away for not wearing a helmet, simply because they have nothing better to do. in Fair Haven you will rarely come across a mexican unless they are hired to clean someone's house. On the other hand there is a rather small black population, who brings a little "ghettoness" to the small town. Another popular place in Fair Haven is Umbertos aka "scum" due to its dirty atmosphere, where you will be sure to meet Silvio, he's pretty chill. But the real heart of Fair Haven is brought out by the people who live there. They love to party and have a good time.
On your way down to Florida for spring break stop by Fair Haven where the livins easy.
by FHNJ December 19, 2006

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