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The last of the series for the PS2. It features a world with waring lands. One person here has been bashing the game without even playing it to actually see thats it's a great game (lunar shadows. The Graphics are great, the music is great (not better than FFX though).

The game is very difficult. Unlike previous games where you arrive at and area via cut scene instead you have to get yourself there while in constant battle. Getting to your main objective may take several deaths, retries, and starting over the entire game.

The New battle system is easy to master after a few hours of play to obtain and learn everything for it.

The game proves to be the best of the series, even though it may not be the most popular, but we know popularity isn't everything. Everything in the game has been given more detail than previous games.

It's a game worth buying if you want to challenge everything you've learned about the series. In short it's and incredible game. I have no qualms about buying it for 50 bucks.

I also find the game to be a medium to seeing how the system for FF13 will be seeing as how it's similar.
I can't wait to beat it, then replay it, and replay and replay. Final Fantasy 12 is game worth the wait and price.
by FF Master November 04, 2006

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