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What an older guy,30s, calls a younger guy,late teens or early 20s instead of bra or man or dude.

Say neph, you could loan me a dollar.
by Fes October 10, 2003
New Orleans project version of conner
I chased that bitch around da conder(cawnder) after he shot at my boy.
by Fes October 09, 2003
term for a friend.
Say cus you need to loan me some money.
by Fes October 10, 2003
Derogatory term for a white male used by African Americans.
That Farley can shoot but he too slow.
by Fes June 02, 2006
acronym for "good duel" in WoW
much like GG in starcraft
skrumpcious: awww! i hate fighting rogues!!!
PwNzR: lol! i luv turning invisible!!
skrumpcious: well.... gd
PwNzR: gd
by Fes June 28, 2007

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