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LT1: LT1 engine was General motors Main High Performance Engine introduced in 1992 in the (C4 Corvette)and most known for being 1993-1997 Camaro Z28,(Camaro SS only in '96,'97) the pontiac Firebird/Trans Am '93'97. its a 5.7 Liter 350 Cubic Inch Engine its an Iron Block with Aluminum heads Fuel Injected stock) it had horsepower & Torque Ratings from (275hp/325tq '93-'97 Corvette C4,Z28,Firebird/Trans Am) (285hp/335tq '97 Z28,Firebird/Trans Am) (325hp/335tq '96,'97 Camaro SS) known for absolutely dominating every other race car/sports car throught the 1990's the cars that were absolutely raped by the (LT1 equipped Corvette C4's,Z28's,Firebird/Trans Am's) were these cars the mustang gt 5.0's,4.6's,( espescially 1986-1997 Cobra mustangs which are supercharged even but thats a ford for you just can't even come close to a Z28)those shitty 4-cylinder riced out honda civics,subaru's,evo's,mitsubishi's and all the other wanna be fast 4-cylinder riced out piece of shits.
Hey that bone stock LT1 Z28 just raped that mustang cobra!!!!!

hey look at that pretty little riced out civic its gonna take atleast $50,000 to get it close to a LT1 Z28 speed

That LT1 Z28 just passed 170mph damm its stock too!!!!!
by FERRARI ENZO May 09, 2008

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