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1 definition by FELLOW DBAGGER

New Canaan is a town where they have nothing better to do except go into town (where there is completely nothing to do except go to Starbucks - explains why none of them are stick thin, huh?) and make fun of Darien kids. Even though they don't understand that yes, Darien is richer, has a better school system, AND is better at sports, they still feel the need to call us "D-Baggers". Way to be creative. They don't even wear very preppy clothes, and basically have no lives. Plus, hardly any of the Moms drive around in their Cadaliac Escalades. They drive around in Honda SUVS (yeah thats really classy, guys.) They try to act rich, but really they aren't getting anywhere. Plus, even though New Canaan Country Day is there, doesn't mean it's only New Canaan kids. Half the population is kids from Darien! Also, since the town has atleast 3 sketchy areas (i.e. the teen center, HELLO?!) the police sit around all day waiting for something to happen. Also they stop kids from Darien just cause we're from Darien. Thats what you call a real "life"! Exicting town, huh? basically all in all, New Canaan sucks.
Today after school in town, I saw some D-Baggers and told them to go home! I'm so funny! I also told them that since we are so fake in New Canaan that "We were richer than them!!!"
by FELLOW DBAGGER September 28, 2007