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Stands for Rotary eXperiment 7, quite possibly the greatest japanese car ever. Whether its drifting, drag racing, road racing, or whatever you wanna do with it, this car will do it all. The last generation of RX-7s (FD3S) is powered by a 13B-REW. This 1.3 liter 2 rotor, twin turbo engine can get you from 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds in its stock form, not to mention its world class handling and braking. Give it a few mods and you'll have a hard time finding someone you can't smoke. But RX-7s aren't for everyone, you have to know what your doing with it or else the price of a rebuild can be costly.
The RX-7 can never lose!
by FD3S September 19, 2004
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