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3 definitions by FBS

another term for goin to sleep, hittin the sack, crashin out.
Erik: "aye dog are you beddy bye?"

Jim: "Im fuckin Beddy Bye dog, what the fuck, all i wanna do is get some fuckin sleep."
by FBS April 14, 2006
A word used to describe womens boobies that are extremely saggy. saggy + boobies = soobies.
whoa dude, look at your grandma's soobies.

that bitch is pretty hot, but she got soobies.

by FBS April 14, 2006
this is what a guy gets when he beats off with shampoo, or something thats is harsh on the peter. skin starts peelin of like you have chapped lips.
bill: "aye man you should beat off with shampoo, it feels bomb as hell."

two hours later

bill: "damn that shit gave me chapdick."
by FBS April 14, 2006