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To play with the star fish
Are you into ass play?
by FBD July 10, 2003
1. a mysteriously popular forum for professional sharks to fob off underperforming investments onto gullible amateur investors- particularly targeting the elderly and mentally incompentent.
2. a media outlet for stale news that has circulated through wall street and already been entirely priced in. see 1.
3. a t.v. channel where demi-literate carpetbaggers, carneys, and cockgobblers are invited on to maunder and prevaricate and thereby encourage everyone to throw their money away.
4. an eye magnet for bored, horny, attention-deficit disordered wall streeters
"That fat guy on cnbc just said the new economy would last forever and I should leverage my retirement savings into Sycamore Networks, MicroStrategy and I2 Technologies."
"That chick on cnbc might be stupid but she is hot. She has some dick-sucking lips."
"There is a fat hyperactive gremlin with a ritalin problem on cnbc with his own show, called MadMoney. He is a testament to special education in this country."
by fbd October 20, 2005
Short for Bung Thrust
Or Bald Taco
Dude, that chic is hot....I'd love to give her a BT.
by FBD July 10, 2003
Short for "right out of the shower"
For mowing box, its best when she is ROOTS.
by FBD July 10, 2003
a beutifully well-maintained box.
Her box was so clean she had to have had it done professionally. I'd say it was a nice brazilian. CRAP ASS!
by FBD July 10, 2003

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