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1. An extremely smelly, gross, vile, possibly radioactive, dirty vagina that has been stretched beyond belief. Overflowing with semen from multiple men and some horses.
2. A dirty whore with said vagina.
1. "That bitch had such a nuclear envelope that I wouldn't even touch her with a 10 foot pole."
2. "I'm not putting my dick anywhere near that nuclear envelope!"
by FBAC if you DEFC April 13, 2010
Rigorous sex act. Requires the male to vomit, deficate, and urinate into a blender. Liquify and microwave for three minutes and proceed to pour (with funnel) into the vagina of a female. The male then has vaginal intercourse with said female, pulls out right before ejaculation, spins around three times on one foot, and proceeds to finish his man-spray into the eyes of the female.
Guy 1 - "Do you remember Brenda from the other night? I totally gave her the 'Steamy Melvin'"

Guy 2 - "....Dude that's fucking gross...."
by FBAC if you DEFC April 10, 2010

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