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A condition 1/3 people have at Garfield High school
by FAT Tom June 14, 2003
short black kid (Supposedly) he would some call him a B-O-A-T-E-R. I found out he hangs out with freshmen but has a posse that follows him around maybe reed is more dangerous then ryans mom after all.

(ryans mom out benched him in the weight room)
by FAT TOM September 04, 2003
Means your a complete "fucking retard" who has no life but tries to trick people in thinking they do
by FAT tom June 21, 2003
means i dont want to talk to u
by FAT tom June 21, 2003
Jaeger Dill is another word for begger... this lower class person is a early aged bum and always asks for money. to find a Jaeger Dill buy Ezels chicken or look for a white guy with no friends wearing ECKO.
by FAT TOM June 17, 2003
wanna be ganstas that watch hang em high to many fucking times and
when a stoopid ass nigga be trippin
by FAT Tom June 14, 2003
Tom Steele
Tom is a Fatty Fat Fat
by FAT TOM June 29, 2003
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