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Girls whose names are similar to Skanka and have a middle name Lee. Usually have mannish faces that contain various forms of acne vulgaris, have zero self respect and in the workplace have a zero work ethic. They will starve themselves and become skankarexic in order to get a guys approval at the same time wearing too much make up.
Dang, she wants an office romance with Kenny the Copy guy, but he has no respect for her because she loafs all day and now he has to help out with her work she didn't do.
The work that has her name on her letters with her middle name on it. That Sarah Lee, I can see why she has the worst luck with men, she looks like one and orders her make up from Avon by the case, that so badly applied she looks like a hooch. What a Skanka Lee.
by FASU March 11, 2011

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