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2 definitions by F2H&B2C

A college at the University of Minnesota Twin Cites. That consists of everyone who dislikes Minneapolis. Students here generaly enjoy the simple things in life, and aren't repeled by the smell of fresh manure. The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences is Home to a wide variety of majors. There is Agricultural Education, Animal Science, Food Science, ESPM, Horticluture, Forestry, Entomology, Fisheries and Wildlife.
Jason: Hey, do you want to go over to Murderapolis?
Justin: NO!, I'm in CFANS. St. Paul rules.
Jason: At least you aren't a CSOM douche bag.
Justin: Agreed!
by F2H&B2C March 01, 2009
Environmental Science Policy and Management major at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. People in this major can be classified into sveral groups. 1) Tree Huggers 2)Hippies 3)Green Freaks 4)Occasional normal person ready to switch majors because everyone else is weird 5)Excited about conserving, EVERYTHING, 6) Politiacly Liberal (but conservative with the environment) 7) Voted for OBAMA 8) Don't know what ESPN is
Jason: Did you hear about the 'Hour of Darkness Party'?
Justin: No, What is it?
Jason: We are going to 'Turn off the lights in your room and have some fun' to conserve energy
Justin: Must be them ESPM kids, again
by F2H&B2C March 01, 2009