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bodyboarder,aka sponger. Due to genetic inadequacy, was never able to grow large enough balls to become a full fledged surfer. Habitat- shitty breaks where can be seen performing signature l-rollo's, flailng belly spins and roasting pole.
Dude, i just speared that sponger as he tryed to drop in on me from way out side.

bodyboarder that pushes water aerial manuvers to the limit, that rides a versatile board that can take off/launch off on any hallow thick waves like shark island, Teahupoo, wedge and can come out from a really deep barrels. overall another outcast of sports media society.
by f1 May 08, 2003
A schoolboy. One who is not a badass, skinny, and innocent.
You are such a Changmin
by F1 April 22, 2006
A schoolboy, not manly looking, and innocent.
You are such a Changmin.
by F1 April 22, 2006

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