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A Plumber for Nintendo who does Mushrooms and Has been doing them for almost 30 years or so. Every time, he stumbles in a endless Search of a princess that does not give a single shred of attention to him and Defeat this Turtle/Dragon/Dinosour/Ke$ha being who likes castles and Has been begging to get into The princesses Panties every time but most likely has because there is no way Bowser can wait that long for a peice of Ass. Mario usally can be found talking to his gay brother Luigi about Saving "HER" again for the 50th time and with his Slaves or the Toby/Tyrone-Named Midgets, "Toads" and their all the Same height and have the same voice. Sometimes Reggie Fills or whoever runs Nintendo would find Mario and Force to Play random Sports and Drive Go Karts or Be in a fighting Games that Have all of Nintendos Prositutes like Samus Aran, the most Succulent Truffle I have ever tasted
Kid that Never Played a Game: "Who is That, Daddy? Is that Super Mario?"

Dad: "Oh no, Hes High Again! We are leaving Son!

Kid: "But Mario looks like Hes Making a New Game! Super Mario Sexy time with Luigi!?"
by F0REVER UNREAL February 10, 2011

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