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Whenever you are doing someone a favour and giving them a ride in your vehicle there are 3 options for payment for this favour:

1. Cash
2. Grass (i.e marijuana)
3. Ass (e.g. sex)
Joe "Hey dude, can I get a lift after hockey?"
Mark "No problem, cash, grass, or ass though - sorry bro, rules of the road"

Mary "Can I get a ride home after work?"
Bill "Sure you can; cash, grass, or ass?"
by F.Castro March 18, 2009
A feeling of powerlessness resulting from a lack of interaction and involvement in the work place.

Employee 1: "How's your proposal coming along?"
Employee 2: "No idea, I sent it to the partner 4 days ago and he is ignoring my emails and voicemails and isn't around the office. Feeling the onset of work impotence"

Manager: "Have you gathered everyone's feedback and comments from our presentation?"
Employee: "I've sent emails, and left voicemails, but no replies yet."
Manager: "Ummm, I think you've become work impotent."
by F.Castro March 14, 2009
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