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1. To expel intestinal gas via the anus.
2. To literally burp with your butt.
3. The act of farting on another person.
4. To have a "normal" burp (gas leaving via the mouth) smell like fecies.
Patrick had an anal burp and the room smelled like rotten eggs.

The onion smell that came from that girls mouth was so vile, it was considered to be an anal burp.
by F. Harris September 14, 2006
1. a woman who just recieved anal intercourse and a licks the seminal residue off her partner's penis.
2. a man who has just recieved an ejacualtion upon him.
3. to consume a vat of seminal fluid.
4. a person who has been beaten to a pulp, bleeding from all orfaces, therefore appearing slimy like seminal fluid.
Veronica is a cumfuck due to the fact that she enjoys swallowing large amounts of cum.

by F. Harris September 18, 2006
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