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1. cool
2. cool
3. sexy
4. cool
5. james bond
6. fill in blank
"your mother'sh a whoore"
by F yee April 08, 2003
Extreme coolness or supremity, taken from the Purple McDonalds monster.
Not to be mistaken with Grimace
That was most Grimmus
"Nothing can kill the Grimmus"
by F yee December 02, 2003
1. Religious symbol that roams the countryside with his disciples spreading the philosphy that is F yee.
"Will the real G-Zus please stand up?"
by F yee April 08, 2003
3. A type of lawn gnome.
"Krais is a Procopian lawn gnome."
by F yee April 14, 2003
1. In biology, a species of leprachaun that has evolved to have significant human contact.
"Look at that Procopio in the hallway!"
by F yee April 08, 2003
2. A rare type of foot disease.
"My podiatrist said I have a bad case of Procopio!"
by F yee April 08, 2003
1. shorthand for "Fuck you" or "I hate you" or "Fuck off."
2. a gesture of salutation among close friends; "hello" or "hi" or "What's up."
"F yee"
by F yee April 07, 2003

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