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A school in duval county, where all the kids kick rocks. School mascot is the Blue devil.Speculation is they worship the devil that they call Mr. Blue. They are easily recognizeable at football games wearing a shirt that say we are the 12th man, people wonder whether this has corralation to their below average foot ball team.
Bad excuse for a "SMART" school.
"hey look at that nerd over there he is studying so hard" person a to person b
person b : " to bad his preprepregeometry for dummies book is upside down! he must go to Stanton"
by F student at Stanton March 03, 2011
Stanton "college prep"
a school that only prepares you for community college.
your learn your ABC and 124s .

.1/2 % pass rate on ap exams
fooot ball team blows
"yooooo twizzle, l3tz go sm0k3 sum shizzzleee"
Actual recorded quotes heared at Stanton
" what 911 phne number"
" iz da anzer 12pie ova a cucumber?"
teacher: what are the 6 trig functions
student "sine cosine sec... hahahaaha Sec sound like sex"
by f student at Stanton March 03, 2011
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